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theme_action_links_{$stylesheet} ›

apply_filters( "theme_action_links_{$stylesheet}", $actions, $theme, $context )
Parametry: (3)
  • (string[]) $actions An array of action links.
    Wymagane: Tak
  • (WP_Theme) $theme The current WP_Theme object.
    Wymagane: Tak
  • (string) $context Status of the theme, one of 'all', 'enabled', or 'disabled'.
    Wymagane: Tak
Zdefiniowane na:

Filters the action links of a specific theme in the Multisite themes list table.

The dynamic portion of the hook name, $stylesheet, refers to the directory name of the theme, which in most cases is synonymous with the template name.


$actions = apply_filters( "theme_action_links_{$stylesheet}", $actions, $theme, $context );