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Sets up the WordPress Environment.

Function Short description
confirm_another_blog_signupConfirm a new site signup.
confirm_blog_signupNew site signup confirmation
confirm_user_signupNew user signup confirmation
do_signup_headerPrints signup_header via wp_head
show_blog_formGenerates and displays the Signup and Create Site forms
show_user_formDisplay user registration form
signup_another_blogAllow returning users to sign up for another site
signup_blogSetup the new site signup
signup_get_available_languagesRetrieves languages available during the site/user signup process.
signup_userSetup the new user signup process
validate_another_blog_signupValidate a new site signup for an existing user.
validate_blog_formValidate the new site signup
validate_blog_signupValidate new site signup
validate_user_formValidate user signup name and email
validate_user_signupValidate the new user signup
wpmu_signup_stylesheetPrints styles for front-end Multisite signup pages