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WordPress Upgrade API

Function Short description
add_clean_indexAdds an index to a specified table.
dbdeltaModifies the database based on specified SQL statements.
deslashFilters for content to remove unnecessary slashes.
drop_indexDrops a specified index from a table.
get_alloptions_110Retrieve all options as it was for 1.2.
make_db_currentUpdates the database tables to a new schema.
make_db_current_silentUpdates the database tables to a new schema, but without displaying results.
make_site_themeCreates a site theme.
make_site_theme_from_defaultCreates a site theme from the default theme.
make_site_theme_from_oldschoolCreates a site theme from an existing theme.
maybe_add_columnAdds column to database table, if it doesn't already exist.
maybe_convert_table_to_utf8mb4If a table only contains utf8 or utf8mb4 columns, convert it to utf8mb4.
maybe_create_tableCreates a table in the database if it doesn't already exist.
maybe_disable_automattic_widgetsDisables the Automattic widgets plugin, which was merged into core.
maybe_disable_link_managerDisables the Link Manager on upgrade if, at the time of upgrade, no links exist in the DB.
pre_schema_upgradeRuns before the schema is upgraded.
translate_level_to_roleTranslate user level to user role name.
upgrade_networkExecutes network-level upgrade routines.
wp_check_mysql_versionChecks the version of the installed MySQL binary.
wp_installInstalls the site.
wp_install_defaultsCreates the initial content for a newly-installed site.
wp_install_maybe_enable_pretty_permalinksMaybe enable pretty permalinks on installation.
wp_new_blog_notificationNotifies the site admin that the installation of WordPress is complete.
wp_should_upgrade_global_tablesDetermine if global tables should be upgraded.
wp_upgradeRuns WordPress Upgrade functions.