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wp_update_php_annotation ›

wp_update_php_annotation ( $before = '<p class="description">', $after = '</p>' )
Parametry: (2)
  • (string) $before Markup to output before the annotation. Default `&lt;p class=&quot;description&quot;&gt;`.
    Wymagane: Nie
    Domyślny: '<p class="description">'
  • (string) $after Markup to output after the annotation. Default `&lt;/p&gt;`.
    Wymagane: Nie
    Domyślny: '</p>'
Zdefiniowane na:
Dziennik zmian:
  • 5.2.0

Prints the default annotation for the web host altering the "Update PHP" page URL.

This function is to be used after wp_get_update_php_url to display a consistent annotation if the web host has altered the default "Update PHP" page URL.


function wp_update_php_annotation( $before = '<p class="description">', $after = '</p>' ) {
	$annotation = wp_get_update_php_annotation();

	if ( $annotation ) {
		echo $before . $annotation . $after;